Custom sports
highlight videos


Highlight your best moves

On the field or on the court

We create custom sports highlight videos from your game footage that can be used for college recruiting or as a personal keepsake.

College Recruiting

A well executed sports highlight video can help start the college recruiting process.

Expand Your Reach

Your video can be seen by coaches from outside of your area.

Mark the Moment

A highlight video is a great way to preserve a memorable performance or great season.

We create sports highlight videos for:






And more...

Why trust us?

We have more than 15 years of coaching wisdom and playing experience at the high school and college levels.

Players first.  Edits second.

How it works

We’ve streamlined the process to make creating your sports highlight video simple and easy:

Fill out the video request form

Answer a few simple questions about your project and decide on what package you'd like.

Upload the raw videos

Once your project is accepted, we will provide a link where you can upload the raw video files.

Receive your edited highlight video

We'll create your highlight video and send you a link to download the final cut in about 2 weeks*.

* Processing time depends on our workload.  If you are unhappy with your video, one round of edits or changes is included in the package price.  Videos will be delivered as .mp4 files.

sample work

Athletes love us

"My recruiting video gave college coaches the opportunity to see my versatility as a midfielder. It gave coaches who hadn’t seen me play in person a chance to see my skills: passing, shooting, and defense. It attracted attention from a wider range of coaches and schools.”
Ciara Burud
University of Findlay ‘21
“Having quality highlight videos to share with college coaches was a key in my recruitment process. Being in a different state than my future college coaches made it difficult for them to see me play in person. Before joining Temple’s lacrosse team the coaching staff had only seen me play through videos. If I did not have quality recruitment videos, I would not have ended up on Temple’s lacrosse team.”
Maryn Lowell
Temple University ‘20
“My lacrosse highlight video was a huge contributing factor in my college recruitment process. It is one thing to reach out to coaches, but having proof of your love for the game is what makes all the difference to recruiters! If I didn’t have a great video to showcase my skills as well as my contribution to the team, I may not have gotten the opportunity to play on scholarship in a Division 1 program at the University of Vermont!”
Jenny Caoili
University of Vermont ‘19
“My lacrosse videos helped me get recruited and committed during a time when i wasn’t able to play in front of any college coaches. If I did not have my video, I wouldn’t be able to go to Iona in the fall to play lacrosse.”
Lana Ranghelli
Iona University ‘25

video packages and Pricing

Choose the sports video highlight package that suits your needs and budget


3-Minute Highlight Video - $199

Approximately 8-12 clips with titles, transitions, and music.


5-Minute Highlight Video - $299

Approximately 15-20 clips with titles, transitions, and music.


8-Minute Highlight Video - $349

Approximately 20-30 clips with titles, transitions, and music.


Let us choose the clips - $99

Don't have time to choose your own clips? Let us pick for you!


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